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Amy Bento: 10 Minute Solution Hot Body Workout PDF Print E-mail
Written by Petra352   
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 21:04
Amy Bento DVD mail mail
Language: English
Run Time: 50 min.
Kind: Cardio/Strengthening
Workouts: 5 a´10 minutes
Effectiveness: mail mail
Instruction: mail mail
Motivation: mail mail
available here plus trailer    

 I have already trained after a series of fitness DVDs, but this does not belong to my favorites. It contains five 10-minute workouts. The fifth workout, however, is pure stretching. 4 workouts begin  with a short warm-up and end with a short stretch.

Workout I: Is a pure cardio program. The exercises are badly explained and you have to watch the exercises several times before you can follow Amy Bento.Workout II: Abs training. The ab training is carried out with weights. Unfortunately, there are not enough repetitions and the transition from one exercise to the other is too hectic. After the workout, you have not the feeling of a trained belly.

Workout III: Buttocks and thigh. Two to three exercises are ok, the rest, however, is unconvincing.
Workout IV: Aims at the coordination, strength and endurance. There are too quick changes from one exercise to another. The weight section is too short to be effective.
Workout V: Stretching

In all four workouts, there are hardly precise instructions for the correct execution of the exercises. The weight training has not enough repetitions and the cardio segments are too short.

The DVD is suitable for intermediates and advanced.  There are better fitness DVDs.  2 points

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Amy Dixon: super fit bod PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christin   
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 18:23
DVD mail mail mail mail kiss
Language: English
Running Time: about 69 Min.
Kind: Cardio-Strength-Intervals
Warm up: about  8,5 Min.
Workout: about 53,5Min.
Cool Down: about   7 Min.
Bonus :  
Core/Back/Chest about  12 Min.
Dumbbells, Stepboard    
  Effektivity: mail mail mail mail mail
  Instruction: mail mail mail mail
available here plus Trailer Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail
or here  

The workout switches between cardio-step-work and training with dumbbells. ( Start at first with lighter weights because the  workout is sweaty work)

The cardio segments consist of steps without choreography, easy to follow. In this part, Amy works with 3 different levels of difficulty. She starts slowly with a basic step. In this part, the heart rate goes up moderately. In the second step she increases the tempo and in the third step, she gives full power (jumping on and off  the step with both feet, mountain climber) etc. One background instructor shows the easier version. There are 3 cardio segments which are interrupted by weight segments.

The dumbbell segments are varied. Amy starts with basic exercises, which she develops step by step (at first only side lunge, then she added one arm row, then shoulder press with lunge forward etc.) By combining the exercises, many muscle groups are simultaneously trained. Most of the exercises are performed in a moderate speed so that you can do them correctly, unfortunately some exercises are executed too quickly, which is bad for the correct execution. I even work out in my own speed.

The bonus part is demanding too. You do rows from side to side with a dumbbell, different kind of planks on and with the step, crunches with the dumbbell etc. and exercises for the back.  

The music is not too bad.

I am positively surprised. Amy is motivating during the whole workout without annoying. It's fun to work with her. This is my first but certainly not the last DVD from Amy.

One minus point because of some rushed exercises. yes yes





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Billy Blanks: Basic Training BootCamp PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eva   
Thursday, 25 August 2011 09:11


Billy Blanks DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Running Time: about 55 min.
Art: Cardio/Strength
Workout: 55 min. incl.
Warm Up + Cool Down

mail mail mail mail mail
Instruction: mail mail mail mail mail
Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail
BootCamp Body Tube    
here available    
here you can find a trailer    

Billy Blank´s fitness DVD is a total body workout. It differs from conventional fitness DVDs, because many movements are coming from the combat sport but not everyone likes that. Although this is only the "Basic Training" it is extremely demanding, very effective and pushes your body to its own limits. It is a combination of strength (by using the tubes) and rhythmic movements during the implementation of the exercises.

Billy Blanks keeps cheering the people on throughout the entire workout, so that you believe you are in a real bootcamp. He always explains how to carry out the exercises correctly and this in a very motivating way.

Beginners should start with easier fitness workouts otherwise they could lose interest in this fitness DVD. This would be a pity.  Great DVD      5 Points


Last Updated on Saturday, 10 September 2016 09:57
Billy Blanks: AB BootCamp PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eva   
Monday, 22 August 2011 10:53
Billy Blanks DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English

Running Time:

 35 min.
Kind:  Toning/Strength  
Abs/Waist: 33 min.
Stretch: 2 min.
Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
Equipment: Instruction: mail mail mail mail mail  
none Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail  
here available      
here you can find a Trailer      


Billy Blanks´s DVD contains a very demanding and challenging ab workout. It is devided into a standing and into a floor routine. Unfortunately the menu doesn´t allow to select one of the routine separately.

Billy Blanks is a great motivator and brings his team-mates to their limits. He attaches importance to many repetitions which let your heard-rate goes up and you will start sweating. He precisely explains how to carry out the different exercises properly and shows alternatives for those people who, at the beginning, could have difficulties to perform one or the other exercise. 

Although there are shown alternatives beginners should rather refrain from doing these exercises and should start with easier abdominal dvds otherwise they could be frustrated. That would be a pity.

A great DVD for the abs and obliques. Rather suitable for the intermediates and the advanced.

5 points

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Cathe Friedrich: MMA Boxing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eva   
Thursday, 14 August 2014 09:47
CatheFriedrich DVD  
Language: English
Running Time: ca. 50 Min.
Kind: Aerobic/Toning/Boxing
Warm up:   7 Min.
Boxing: 29 Min.
Toning Core   9 Min.
Bonus Heavy Bag: 20 Min.
Stretch: 5 Min.
  Effektivity: mailmailmailmail
Equipment: Instruction: mailmailmailmailmail

Weight gloves or
boxing gloves optional,

Motivation: mailmailmailmail
optional hand weights  f. Core Work    

This is a well-done shadow boxing DVD. In addition, you get a bonus of about 20-minute heavy bag training as well as a core training.

The workout consists of 3 different  sections. Each section is divided into shadow boxing combinations, about 2 minutes of upper body drill, that means upper cuts, hooks etc. (great for core) as well as about 3 minutes , as Cathe called it, leg training. That means  pure cardio drill (jumping, skip rope etc.)

Normally Cathe´s workouts are very, very tough but not in this workout.  The boxing combinations are easy to follow, let the heart rate get up, but you don´t feel completely drained, at least not the advanced people. You can, however, increase your own power by using boxing gloves or weight gloves. But you need more breath for the "leg section" or better said for the cardio part. There the heart rate really goes up.

If you don´t have a heavy bag you can carry out this part even without one.

The core training takes place on a mat. Cathe partly uses hand weights ( 5 lb.) It is effective and demanding (sit-ups with weights, reverse crunch, cycling etc.)

You can choose single chapters. The music is ok.

All in all a good DVD. Suitable not only for the intermediate but also for the advanced, because even the advanced can integrate this workout in their routine  if they do not feel like working too hard.

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