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Ann Marie Sill Step Generation with Strength Circuit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eva   
Sunday, 24 July 2011 19:51


Ann Marie Sill DVD mail mail heart
Language: English
Run Time: about 80 min.
Kind:   Endurance/Step Aerobic
Warm up: .  6 min.
Stepp:  33 min.
Cool down bzw. Warm up:   6 min.
. Krafttraining: 28 min.
Effectiveness: mail mail mail
Equipment: Instruction: mail mail

step-bench, medicine ball, tube, dumbbells and balance cuchion
Motiviation: mail mail
 available here    

here you can find a trailer

Ann Marie Sill´s DVD is divided into a cardio and a strength training. This is ok.

I love step aerobic with varied step sequences. But this choreography is too complicated.  Ann Marie Sill has failed to make the trainee familiar with the step sequences bit by bit. She takes for granted that you can follow her in too little time. The result ist that you spend most of your time rewinding the DVD and then to recognise that it was all for nothing. It takes up a lot of time and you lose your interest in this workout.  You must have the opportunity to learn the choreography within a short timescale. Unfortunately this is not given here.

The strength workout is ok. Unfortunately you need simply too many auxiliary devices such as medicine ball, dumbbells, tube and balance cuchion. You have to change the equipment permanently.  Dumbbells themselves would have been enough.

Finally I can say: Beginners and intermediates will not have fun with this dvd. People, however, who want and enjoy to spend a lot of time learning complicated step sequences or people who find it easy to cope with such a choreography, might love it.

For my part  I give only 2 points

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Billy Blanks: Ultimate BootCamp PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eva   
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 10:37
alt DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Kind: Cardio + Total Body Training
Running Time incl. Warm up und cool down/stretch. 55 Min.
Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
Instruction: mail mail mail mail mail
Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail
BootCamp Body Tube    
available here    
here you can find a trailer    

Billy Blank´s ultimate bootcamp DVD lives up to its name.  That´s how a a boot camp training in the USA is generally imagined. I do not mean this negatively, because this DVD is great. A very effective total body training takes place.

Billy Blanks pushes the trainees to their limits. One exercise after another, without a break.  Kickboxing elements, strength training and cardio are combined.

In particular the strength training with the tubes (almost 20 min.) let the muscles burn after a short time.  Because of many repetitions it could be that even advanced need to take a break occasionally.

For people who want to go to their own limits it is the right DVD. A very effective, very varied and a very demanding workout. 

The full score

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Cathe Friedrich´s Low Impact Series: Athletic Training PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eva   
Saturday, 12 May 2012 18:51

sorry, translation is coming soon

Cathe Friedrich DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Run Time: 56 min.
Kind: Strength training+Step Aerobic
Warm up   6 min.
Step Aerobic   8 min.
Toning/Strengtht: 39 min.
Cool down:   3 min.
Equipment: Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
Dumbbells, Step Bench,  Instruction: mail mail mail mail
Gliding Discs, Resistance Band Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail
here available plus Trailer    

This is a very tough cardio and strength workout.  It starts with an eight-minute step workout. Not really a classical choreography takes place but the steps which are used will rise your pulse and you will work up a sweat.

The strength training follows. Dumbbell work is combined with the step. (leg abduction, overhead press etc.)  So upper and  lower body are trained at the same time. By this combination the pulse remains increased.   Cathe Friedrich uses different heavy weights, gliding discs (back lunges, bizeps etc.) as well as a resistance band (abduction, hamstring, kickbacks, back etc.).  This makes the workout  varied. But gliding discs and resistance band are not a necessity. 

There are 19 different exercises including the abs training.  Considering that this DVD has a run time of 56 min.  one can imagine that there is hardly time to catch a breath.

On one hand this dvd is fun because of the powerful workout and the variety of exercises but on the other hand the permanent change of the equipment could be annoying for one or the ohter.  Without question this workout is extremely effective and challenging.

You can do the whole workout or customize your exercises.

Although this workout is recommended for the intermediate and the advanced I think it is more suitable for the advanced.



Last Updated on Monday, 26 September 2016 15:04
Jari Love: Get Ripped and Chiseled PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eva   
Thursday, 08 March 2012 15:04
Jari Love DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Run Time: about 60 min.
Kind: Strength Training/Total Body
Warm up:    5 min.
Workout:  50 min.
Cool Down:     5 min.
Bonus consists of:  
Ab Workout:     5 Min.
Equipment: Nutrition tips  
Dumbbells, Step-bench Recipes  
Barbell (optional)    
Barbell plate (optional) Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
  Instruction: mail mail mail mail
  Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail

This workout is carried out by Jari Love and three participants. It is a very demanding and effective total body training with focus on strength endurance.

Every exercise consists of only one set with many repetitions (see below in brackets) But it is not a monotonous up and down because Jari Love changes the tempo of the motions. Nevertheless some people could find this kind of training boring.

During some exercises two of Jari´s participants use barbells or plates. The third  person shows always the easier version. After every exercise a short stretch takes place. The workout has not a continuous flow, because every exercise is followed by a short cut in which the next one is shortly explained and  performed in different versions.  On the screen is shown with which weights the different persons work.  This is only a hint because everyone has to decide which weight is appropriate for himself.  A step bench would be advantageous but is not a necessity

Jari Love tries to motivate by hinting which results you can achieve when you hang on and train regularly.  I think this workout could also be interesting for men. It consists of:

Lunges (56), Squats (88), Stiff Leg Deadlifts  (28),  Bent Knee Deadlift (28), Chest Press (62), Push Ups (36), Chest Flys (62), Back (32), Triceps Dips or if  you are fit enough Triceps Push Ups (24), Triceps Extensions (38), Pull Overs (52), Overhead Press (66), Biceps Curls (120)  und Hammer Curls (88).

Only the abs workout in the bonus part seems for me too short and too simple compared to the whole workout.

Nevertheless a great dvd for the advanced people who want to define their muscles effectively.

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 November 2016 12:21
Jari Love: Get Ripped 1000 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eva   
Thursday, 09 February 2012 11:08
Jari Love DVD mail mail mail mail kiss
Language: English
Run Time: 60 min.
Kind: Strength/Endurance
  Interval Training
Workout incl. 60 Min.
Warm up and Cool Down  
Bonus:      Scientific Explanation
  Motivation Tips etc.
Dumbbells, Step Bench Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
optional Instruction: mail mail mail mail
Body Bar Motivation: mail mail mail mail kiss
here available plus Trailer    

Jari Love carried out this total body training with three participants who show the exercises in a slightly modified form, that means they use different equipment (e.g. one of them uses dumbbells, the other one a body bar etc.) and show different levels of intensity. Also an additional information is given about the weight load.

The warm up starts with light dumbbells and a step bench. The workout itself consists of 9 cardrio segments that alternate with 9 strength training sections.

Each cardio segement is about 1 1/2 min. long and is carried out with a step bench. This is not a stepping with a choreography it is only a single move which starts off slowly and then become a very fast tempo (jumping jack, "up, up, down, down"). Some steps require a lot of concentration in order not to trip up. To avoid injury I therefore worked without the step bench and concentrated on one of Jari´s participants who showed the same step without the bench.  The third option offers a short animated film on the screen which shows the easiest version of the step. Every cardio segment ends with a short stretch.

People who prefer many exercises and not so many repetitions could find the strength traning boring because Jari Love works with many repetitions for each muscle group but with a limited range of exercises (e.g 70 push ups, however with some breaks)  Also here you get a short stretch after every training session.

In my opinion the routine for the abs is rather modest in relation to the other exercises. The part for the abs could have been more strenuous and longer. Apart from that the exercises are very challenging and in combination with the cardio section you get a very demanding and effective workout.

The menu is´nt  quite good. You can´t choose the cardio or strength part seperately. You only can select each exercise directly.

Unfortunately Jari Love´manner is not so motivating.

This workout is rather suitable for the advanced people.

Great DVD

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 August 2016 12:29
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