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Amy Dixon: Kickin' Strength PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christin   
Tuesday, 13 September 2016 17:57
DVD mailmailmail
Language: English
Running Time: 57 Min.
Kind: Kickboxing/Strength
Warm up:    5 Min.
Workout Strength I  
Cardio Kickboxing I
   6 Min.
   6 Min.
Workout Strength II  11,5  Min.
Cardio Kickboxing II  10 Min.
Core + Stretch   15 Min.
  Effektiviness:: mail mail mail
  Instruction: mail mail mail
  Motivation: mail mail mail

The workout consists of two parts of strength training, which alternate with two cardio-kickboxing combinations. Amy works with two background instructors. One of them shows the easier modifications.

The strength training is similar to that of the "Super Fit Bod". Here she also starts with a basic exercise, which she extends step by step. At the end, several muscle groups are simultaneously trained (twisted squats with bicep curls, reverse fly with front lunge with rotation and shoulder press, squats with dropping and picking up the dumbbells from the floor plus shoulder press, plie squats with back exercises, back lunges with shoulder exercises etc.) This part is ok. There are some interesting combinations.

In my opinion, the cardio part is disappointing.

1. The title of the DVD is somewhat misleading. I thought it would be a kickboxing DVD. Unfortunately, it is only to a certain extent.   

2. Although the steps are easy to follow, Amy is not able to teach  them in that way, that I could manage the combos without problems. I often had to rewind. Besides, I hardly got into a sweat and this time I found her comments annoying and the music poor.

The core segment mainly consists of traditional exercises. crunches, crunches with knee, reverse crunch, crunch and reverse crunch combined, back exercises in all-fours position etc.

This DVD is not my favorite. I am happy that this was my second one otherwise it would have been my last. Now I don´t throw in the towel and start a new attempt.

This workout is suitable for the intermediate.


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Cathe Friedrich: butts & guts PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christin   
Tuesday, 09 August 2016 15:41
DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Running Time: 64 Min.
Kind: Lower body/Core 
strength training
Workout: 78 Min.

Warm up:

 6 Min.

Standing exercises:
Exercises on the mat:
Bonus Stability ball/core:
Bonus Lower body:

31 Min.
19 Min.
15 Min.
 6 Min.
 8 Min.

Stability ball, Stepboard (high), Resistance or Miniband,  Effektiviness: mail mail mail mail mail
Dumbbells, Barbell bar, Ankle Weights Instruction: mail mail mail mail mail
  Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail
available here plus Trailer
or here

This workout is varied and very demanding. You need a lot of equipment as above mentioned. A barbell bar would be good but is not necessary. The exercises can also be performed with dumbbells.  (deadlifts, squats). Maybe the weight should be heavier. The weight of Cathe´s dumbbells are 5 lb. and the barbell bar is 35 lb.

What is so challenging? I would say the choice of exercises and the number of repetitions.

Ranging from "walking lunges," in which she integrates plie jumps over squats to lunges with the high step, etc. There are additional exercises without using any equipment.  
A few of them are repeated twice.

Some of the exercises are performed with the stability ball  (side leg lift, bridge, etc.) or on the mat with ankle weights ( leg lift for the adductors).  Although many of them are "traditional" they are nevertheless very tough. The muscles burn. But from the positive point of view.  The next morning you feel every single muscle.

You need ankle weights (you can do also without)  and dumbbells for the first core workout which makes it even more challenging. These exercises are varied, demanding and effective. Some of them are performed without dumbbells (bicycling, bicycling with rest, plank or back work).

The bonus core is carried out with the stability ball. Exercises for the straight core and the obliques (plank, torso twists, ball exchange).

The bonus lower body: sit and stand on the high step (if not available you can choose a chair), leg press, etc.

Cathe is well-known for her tough fitness DVDs, and I like her workouts which are mainly suitable for the advanced. It is only a pity that she has not a background instructor who shows easier modifications.

For me, it is too much leg and glut work, therefore I am happy that there are premixes. So I alternate. One day I do the standing workout with core (about 50 min.) and two days later the workout on the mat with core (about 60 min.).

A great, great workout. If you integrate this DVD in your routine, soon you will see results. yes yes yes

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Cathe Friedrich: Total body Trisets PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christin   
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 17:33
DVD mailmailmailmail mail
Language: English
Running time: 95 Min.
Kind: Toning/Strength
Workout I  
Warm up:    4 Min.
Lower Body Workout 31 Min.
Cool Down:   4 Min. (Stretch)
Workout II  
Warm up:   4 Min.
Upper Body Workout: 48 Min.
Cool Down:   4 Min. (Stretch)
Equipment: Many Premixes  
Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Dixie Cups, high Step (optional)     
  Effektivity: mail mail mail mail mail
  Instruction: mail mail mail mail
  Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail


On this DVD you get 2 Workouts. One for butt and legs and one for the upper body. You can do a split training, one day the lower body and the other day the upper body.

The workout for the lower body consists of 3 sets of 3 exercises each, which are performed twice. For better understanding, the first set consists of wall squats with the stability ball, lunges with dixie cups (put them down and take them up) as well as side-lunges with dixie cups (put down, take up). Then these 3 exercises are repeated. Afterwards, you go on to the next set of 3 new exercises etc. The other sets include e.g. lunges with the step, step ups,  dumbbell squats, deadlifts, hamstring roll in with the ball. The exercises a really tough, the glute and leg muscles burn.

The upper body workout has the same structure as the lower body, however, it is additionally divided in muscle groups


For this reason, the upper body workout is considerably longer with 48 minutes and of course no less demanding. In my opinion, it  is more exhausting (leg crossed-over push-ups, triceps extensions in the plank position, chest flys on the ball, arm rows, stability ball exchange from leg to arm, crunches on the ball with a dumbbell etc.)

In this workout, you find  some unusual exercises with fancy equipment,  as above described, exercises with plastic cups / paper cups. Besides the use of the ball is not found in many workouts. Because of the variety of the exercises, the workouts are not boring and, although it is a strength training, the heart rate goes up. That ís mainly due to the selection of exercises and because Cathe does not permit to pause for breath. If you do not like split training choose a total body training from the premixes, that is a mixture from the upper and lower body workouts. 

A great, varied and demanding DVD. Suitable for the advanced.





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George Jones: Personal Power Training PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Christin   
Saturday, 07 January 2017 12:59


George Jones DVD mail mail mail mail heart
Language German
Running Timer: about 60 Min.
Kind: Cardio/Boxing/Kickboxing
Workout I G-Boxing light
Workout II G-Sports
Workout III G-Boxing High Energy
Effektiveness: mail mail mail mail
Instruction: mail mail mail mail mail
Equipment: Motivation: mail mail mail mail
available here plus Trailer    


On this DVD there are three workouts. It starts with G-boxing light. It is a good one for beginners. George Jones explains very well how the single punches are called, how to execute them, and what to look for in the footwork. This is very helpful because many other boxing DVDs require basic knowledge. Therefore, you can benefit when you work with other boxing DVDs.

It is a mixture of boxing and kickboxing. The movements are easy to follow but demanding enough that beginners get out of breath. This workout is varied and not boring due to the many different exercises.

In my opinion, the workout G-Sports is also for beginners. It consists of exercises taken from another kind of sports, e.g., volleyball (serving), basketball (dribbling), baseball (hitting), etc.

In the High Energy workout, the exercises are performed somewhat faster. It is again a mix of boxing and kickboxing with many different movements. These are suitable for the intermediate. There are modifications how to perform the movements easier. However, whoever thinks the high energy workout would be a good alternative to e.g. Billy Blanks, who is likely to be disappointed. Although it is similar in principle, you cannot compare each other. Billy Blanks´workouts are much more demanding. 

All workouts have a short warm-up. George Jones is a funny guy. He makes jokes, fools around and sings, whereby the camera concentrates too much on him, and you have no chance to follow the co-instructors well. Some might find this disturbing. The music is, of course, a matter of taste, but I find it cool and inspires to participate.

It is a good DVD suitable for beginners and intermediates, nothing for the advanced.

Last Updated on Saturday, 07 January 2017 13:08
Jeanette Jenkins: 21 Day Total Body Circuit Workouts PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christin   
Wednesday, 22 February 2017 17:22
DVD mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Running Time: about 76 Minuten
Art: Strength/Cardio/Total Body
Warm up I
and II:
  5 Min.
Workout I  30,5 Min.
Workout II  29    Min.
Cool Down or Stretch I + II
    3     Min.

Dumbbells and Ankle Weights Effektiveness: mail mail mail mail
  Instruction: mail mail mail mail
available here plus Trailer Motivation: mail mail mail mail
or here    


This DVD is divided in two workouts. It is a mixture of cardio and strength training. The exercises are well-known, nothing surprising.

Workout I is about 39 minutes long and targets the muscle groups chest, shoulder, triceps, thighs, buttock, and abs.
Workout II aims at the back, shoulder, biceps, inner and outer thighs as well as the abs. The second workout is about 37 minutes long.

With some exceptions, the exercises are done with 25 reps; only the beginners stop after 15 reps. A co-trainer shows modifications or stops after 15 repetitions. It is a colorful mixture of fellow trainers, mothers, grandmothers, etc., which should show that everyone can participate in this workout.

Workout I starts on the mat with push-ups, lifting and lowering the legs in all fours position (here the ankle weights are used), crunches and flies. Then in standing position lunges, squats with dumbbells, triceps extensions, etc. In between, there are light cardio segments e,g, repeater knee, etc.

In Workout II there are exercises like reverse flies, plie squats with dumbbells, rows, upright rows, leg abduction with ankle weights, bicep curls, etc. The cardio part consists of quick steps from side to side with squats, knee to chest, etc.

In between Jeanette gives hints which weights should be used. This is very helpful.

The exercises are effective, and the cardio part is easy to follow. Unfortunately, the abs exercises are the same in both workouts (crunches, cycling, reverse crunch).  This is monotonous. More variety would have been nice. 

Jeanette gives good instructions how to do the exercises correctly, which is very important for beginners. She is cool. However, you hardly can listen to the background music because Jeanette is talking almost the whole workout. Personally, I find this annoying, but this is a matter of taste.

There are much better and more varied DVDs on the market, but all in all, it is a good DVD, suitable for beginners and intermediates.

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