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Mindy Mylrea: Explode PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Eva   
Sunday, 24 July 2011 10:44


Mindy Mylrea DVD
Language: English
run time: about 70 min.
Kind:     Cardio/Bosu
          Interval Workout

Warm up:         7 min.
Bosu Training: 60 min.
Stretch:            4 min.


Auxiliary devices:
Bosu, Body-bar

here available              
here you can find a trailer


Mindy Mylrea´s DVD contains a very demanding total body training. Unlike most of the other interval workouts every strength exercise is directly followed by a short cardio section.

Mindy and one of her participants use a bosu, a third person is training without. You get three different levels. Because of the wobbly condition of the bosu (be careful in case of knee problems)  the core muscles are extremely involved and you need a good sense of balance.

The bosu is not only used in the cardio section but also during the strength training. Mindy encourages you the whole time not to give up. She herself displays a security on the bosu like she had never done anything else before. Her paricipant, however, has also some difficulties in keeping her balance. That is encouraging too.

The menu allows to choose individual training sections, so you have the possibility to work with this DVD step by step.

The workout should be suitable für intermediates to advanced. But in my opinion it is more suitable for the advanced. Intermediates could be frustrated and overwhelmed. That would be a pity.

A good DVD.  4 points.

Last Updated on Friday, 20 July 2012 13:28
Sherry Catlin: Strong Step PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Eva   
Sunday, 24 July 2011 20:48
Sherry Catlin DVD  
Language: English
Run Time: 60 min.
Kind: Cardio/Step-Aerobic
Warm up/Step/Stretch 30 min.
Equipment: Strength/Stretch 30 min.
step bench, Body-bar    
available here    
here you can find a trailer    


Sherry Catlin´s DVD consists of two 30-minute training programs. A cardio vascular workout (using a step bench) and a strength workout (with a body bar).

She works together with two other women, who show the easier versions of the routine. So you have three different workout level and you get the possibility to concentrate on that level which is suitable for you. In principle a good idea. Unfortunately Sherry is too much in focus. Her dance step sequences (the most difficult) are so complicated and partly confusing that you too easy become distracted from the woman on whom you want to concentrate on. For this reason I believe that beginners and intermediates might find it too difficult to follow the steps and motivation could get lost. People, however, who enjoy complicated dance step sequences could love it.

The strength training is carried out by using a body bar. A 30-minute total body workout takes place. All important muscle groups are trained (upper and lower body). This part is not too demanding and can also be mastered by beginners.

The cardio vascular part do not convince me, the strength part was not too bad.  All in all 3 points.

Last Updated on Monday, 21 May 2012 18:33
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