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Written by Christin   
Wednesday, 22 February 2017 17:22
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Language: English
Running Time: about 76 Minuten
Art: Strength/Cardio/Total Body
Warm up I
and II:
  5 Min.
Workout I  30,5 Min.
Workout II  29    Min.
Cool Down or Stretch I + II
    3     Min.

Dumbbells and Ankle Weights Effektiveness: mail mail mail mail
  Instruction: mail mail mail mail
available here plus Trailer Motivation: mail mail mail mail
or here    


This DVD is divided in two workouts. It is a mixture of cardio and strength training. The exercises are well-known, nothing surprising.

Workout I is about 39 minutes long and targets the muscle groups chest, shoulder, triceps, thighs, buttock, and abs.
Workout II aims at the back, shoulder, biceps, inner and outer thighs as well as the abs. The second workout is about 37 minutes long.

With some exceptions, the exercises are done with 25 reps; only the beginners stop after 15 reps. A co-trainer shows modifications or stops after 15 repetitions. It is a colorful mixture of fellow trainers, mothers, grandmothers, etc., which should show that everyone can participate in this workout.

Workout I starts on the mat with push-ups, lifting and lowering the legs in all fours position (here the ankle weights are used), crunches and flies. Then in standing position lunges, squats with dumbbells, triceps extensions, etc. In between, there are light cardio segments e,g, repeater knee, etc.

In Workout II there are exercises like reverse flies, plie squats with dumbbells, rows, upright rows, leg abduction with ankle weights, bicep curls, etc. The cardio part consists of quick steps from side to side with squats, knee to chest, etc.

In between Jeanette gives hints which weights should be used. This is very helpful.

The exercises are effective, and the cardio part is easy to follow. Unfortunately, the abs exercises are the same in both workouts (crunches, cycling, reverse crunch).  This is monotonous. More variety would have been nice. 

Jeanette gives good instructions how to do the exercises correctly, which is very important for beginners. She is cool. However, you hardly can listen to the background music because Jeanette is talking almost the whole workout. Personally, I find this annoying, but this is a matter of taste.

There are much better and more varied DVDs on the market, but all in all, it is a good DVD, suitable for beginners and intermediates.

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