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Written by Christin   
Wednesday, 11 January 2017 10:46
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Language: English
Running Time: 60 Min.
Kind: Strength/Total Body
Warm up:   5 Min.
Workout I 30 Min.
Workout II 30 Min.
Bonus Step:
ca. 23 Min.
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Dumbbells, optional Kettlebell, Step Bench for the bonus part Effektiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
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Kelly Coffey's motto is that you can train the entire body in just 30 minutes, and she again proves it in "Strength and Stamina". Also on this DVD there are two 30-minute workouts with a lot of premixes, so that you can customize your training individually, varied and above all effective. Here, too, she has her "crew" again, one of them modifies and uses a dumbbell instead of a kettlebell.

Kelly's recommendation for the dumbbells and Kettlebell are: 

Advanced:        20 lbs and 15 lbs/ Kettlebell 20 lbs
Intermediate:    15 lbs and 10 lbs/ Kettlebell 15 lbs
Beginner:            7 lbs and  5 lbs

The warm-up is selected separately. It is the same for both workouts. So when you select the workouts, it starts immediately.

In Workout I and II there are five rounds each. Each round consists of 2 exercises (one for the upper body and one for the lower body) which are repeated three times. The individual exercises usually consist of 12 repetitions. You can adjust your level by increasing or decreasing the weights. Before Kelly moves to the next round, a Kettlebell Swing exercise is inserted (4  swings per workout and they are equal in both workouts). These swings let the heart rate go up.

The exercises in Workout I consist of, for example, pec deck, squats with dumbbells, supinating curls, deadlifts, shoulder press, overhead extensions, jumped lunges etc. In Workout II the exercises consist of lateral raise over the head, straight jumps, bicep side curls and bicep reverse curls, lunges forward and backward, kickbacks and pop squats with dumbbell etc.

There are a total of 12 premixes, which already contain the warm up and the stretch and look as follows:

Workout I:  No Swings, 31 Minutes
Workout II: No Kettlebell Swings, 30 Minutes
Workout I:  2 Sets & Swings, 28 Minutes
Workout II: 2 Sets & Swings, 28 Minutes
Workout I:  1 Set & Swings, 21 Minutes
Workout II: 1 Set & Swings, 21 Minutes
Combination of Workout I and II, 63 Minutes
Combination of Workout I and II, no Swings, 54 Minutes
Workout I:  no Cardio Leg Blasts, 38 Minutes
Workout II: no Cardio Leg Blasts, 38 Minuten
Lower Body Training: Legs & Kettlebell Swings of Workout I and II, 24 Minutes
Upper Body Training: Upper Body & Kettlebell Swings of Workout I and II, 28 Minutes

For advanced users 30 minutes may be too short, but as you can see from the premixes, you can also select the combination of Workout I and II without any problems. If there is a lack of time or someone who does not like to exercise with a Kettlebell, you can select what you want. There is basically something for everyone.

A  major plus is the bonus part. Here you also get a diversified step-workout, which has its own warm-up and cool down and you can recognize at once that Kelly has put a lot of work into it. It is effective, lively and fun.

It is for me again a great DVD. Even though some people may think these workouts are more suitable for the intermediates. But I believe that even the advanced will have fun with this DVD. They just need to increase the weights. Thats it.

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