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Saturday, 03 December 2016 13:46


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Language: English
Running Time: about 75 Min.
Kind: Total Body/Cardio
Workout I Strength
in the morning:
about  40 Min.
Workout II
Cardio in the evening
ca. 35 Min.
Effektiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
Instruction: mail mail mail mail mail
Equipment: Motivation: mailmail
available here    
or here plus trailer

In this fitness DVD, Jillian Michaels promises that in 7 days, you will get your ideal body, if you exercise the strength workout in the morning and the cardio one in the evening. That would be a great thing. I have to disappoint everyone who believes that it is possible to get a sexy body in just one week. If you stick to this fitness and nutrition plan for a week, you will lose one or the other pound, but that's it.

Workout I (strength training) should be executed in the morning, four rounds with different exercises, which are made two times.

Round 1: e.g. deadlifts with rows and bicep curls, in the squat doing rows, push ups, half push ups, reverse table position with triceps dips and lifting the right and then the left leg, etc.
Round 2: reverse lunges with triceps kickbacks, standing on one leg + flies, etc.
Round 3: crunches with straight legs, reverse plank with jumping, plie squat and then get back on the tiptoes to do triceps extensions, etc.
Round 4: plank with lowering the knees, sitting crunches with bringing the dumbbells from left to the right, one-handed plank with boxing, side-plank, plank with jumping, etc.

There is a male co-instructor, who shows the most difficult modifications and a female co-instructor with the easier version. Jillian goes to each of them to explain how to execute the exercises correctly.

The exercises are very challenging and effective, but for me, partly too monotonous. There are too many planks or plank-like exercises. I love planks, but that's just too much for me.

Workout II (cardio) should be done in the evening. There is a total of 3 rounds, which are made two times each. In this cardio segment, there is no warm-up. One co-instructor (Dahlia) shows the easier modification and Nathalie the most challenging one.

Round 1. e.g. jumping jacks, jump rope, butt kicks, high knees, jumping from right to left, squat thrust
Round 2 e.g.  running in place, butt kicks with both feet, reverse lunge and kicks
Round 3 e.g. jumping jack in the squat, jumping jack in plank position, single arm burpee, fast tripping

The cardio segment is very demanding. Even the co-instructors have trouble keeping up the challenge because Dahlia has to take over the more demanding part from Nathalie in the second round.

As mentioned above, the DVD is effective and challenging, this is a plus. Nevertheless, there are things, which I do not like.

Unlike other instructors, Jillian almost only gives instructions, drills people and hardly works herself. Instructions may be helpful at the beginning, but I find it annoying the more often I do the workout and I am happy that I can select the music by itself. Besides, I do not like it that you should do the strength training every day. If you do strength training, you should pause at least one day in between so that the muscles can recover. In addition, I find it boring to do the same workouts twice a day for a week. However, if you want to train in this way, you can make the whole thing more varied by using your DVD stock. Half an hour strength training in the morning and half an hour on the cross trainer, the next evening step aerobics, boxing or treadmill in the evening etc.

Suitable is this DVD for intermediate and advanced people.

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