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Wednesday, 30 August 2017 09:50
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Language: English
Running Time: about 54 Min
Kind:: Toning/Endurance
Warm up:   6 Min.
Workout:  44 Min.
Cool down/Stretch:   4 Min.
Different Dumbbells: 1,5-5 kg
Med. Ball: 1-3 kg
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available here plus Trailer


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I am always looking for new (new for me) and good fitness DVDs. By chance, I found this DVD from Tracie Long "Strength in movement."  However, this workout is not executed by Tracie herself but by the fitness trainer Jen Carman who is supported by two co-trainer.  One shows the easier modifications (partly with a stick in case of balance exercises)  and the other shows the advanced part.

Normally I do not talk about the warm up because it is similar in most workouts. Here, however, it takes place with a medicine ball. Warm up means to prepare the muscles for the upcoming training. I do not believe that this equipment is appropriate for the warm up (breast press, big circles over the head, etc.)

It is an interval workout. Different heavy dumbbells as well as the above mentioned med ball is used. (The med ball only during warm up, the cardio part and in the ab section)  It is a combination of strength, endurance, and balance.

The exercises are very imaginative, which makes the training varied. The upper body, the lower body, and the balance are trained at the same time during strength training, which in this part increases the heart rate (Squat with one leg at the same time with one-armed shoulder press, lunge back with rows, etc.)  Also in the cardio part, much emphasis is placed on the balance but also on strength (by using the ball). In some exercises, you can take a broomstick to support if you think that the whole thing will become too wobbly.

In the last part, the abdominal training, the exercises are very imaginative, too. Not always normal crunches, reverse crunches, etc., but these exercises are well modified by using the ball.
Jen comes across very well, gives good hints and cues.

Unfortunately, there are no premixes not even chapters. You only can play the whole workout. This is very disappointing.

Otherwise, it is a good DVD, suitable for the intermediate and the advanced.

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