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Saturday, 12 May 2012 18:51

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Cathe Friedrich DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Run Time: 56 min.
Kind: Strength training+Step Aerobic
Warm up   6 min.
Step Aerobic   8 min.
Toning/Strengtht: 39 min.
Cool down:   3 min.
Equipment: Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
Dumbbells, Step Bench,  Instruction: mail mail mail mail
Gliding Discs, Resistance Band Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail
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This is a very tough cardio and strength workout.  It starts with an eight-minute step workout. Not really a classical choreography takes place but the steps which are used will rise your pulse and you will work up a sweat.

The strength training follows. Dumbbell work is combined with the step. (leg abduction, overhead press etc.)  So upper and  lower body are trained at the same time. By this combination the pulse remains increased.   Cathe Friedrich uses different heavy weights, gliding discs (back lunges, bizeps etc.) as well as a resistance band (abduction, hamstring, kickbacks, back etc.).  This makes the workout  varied. But gliding discs and resistance band are not a necessity. 

There are 19 different exercises including the abs training.  Considering that this DVD has a run time of 56 min.  one can imagine that there is hardly time to catch a breath.

On one hand this dvd is fun because of the powerful workout and the variety of exercises but on the other hand the permanent change of the equipment could be annoying for one or the ohter.  Without question this workout is extremely effective and challenging.

You can do the whole workout or customize your exercises.

Although this workout is recommended for the intermediate and the advanced I think it is more suitable for the advanced.



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