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Keli Roberts DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Run Time: about 50 min.
Kind: Intervaltraining
Warm up:  7 min.
Cardio/Strength 32 min.
Abs:   5 min.
Cool Down   6 min.
Equipment: Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
Stepboard, Body bar Instruction: mail mail mail mail mail
  Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail
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This DVD contains a cardio and strength training with particular emphasis on the strength. Keli Roberts  works together with two co-trainer who show modified versions.
The DVD is divided into different intervals. The moves of the segments in which Body bar and step are combined, can be easily learned. The focus is on squats and lunges. These are demanding and let your  heart rate go up.  Between the segments there are weight exercises. These exercises train the total body effectively.  The program finishes with a good ab training

All exercises are varied and challenging. Keli gives instructions to perform the exercises properly and that in a motivating way.

In my opinion this DVD is suitable for intermediates to advanced. Because most of the workout requires a certain degree of strength, endurance and coordination.

A good DVD.