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Written by Eva   
Thursday, 09 February 2012 11:08
Jari Love DVD mail mail mail mail kiss
Language: English
Run Time: 60 min.
Kind: Strength/Endurance
  Interval Training
Workout incl. 60 Min.
Warm up and Cool Down  
Bonus:      Scientific Explanation
  Motivation Tips etc.
Dumbbells, Step Bench Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
optional Instruction: mail mail mail mail
Body Bar Motivation: mail mail mail mail kiss
here available plus Trailer    

Jari Love carried out this total body training with three participants who show the exercises in a slightly modified form, that means they use different equipment (e.g. one of them uses dumbbells, the other one a body bar etc.) and show different levels of intensity. Also an additional information is given about the weight load.

The warm up starts with light dumbbells and a step bench. The workout itself consists of 9 cardrio segments that alternate with 9 strength training sections.

Each cardio segement is about 1 1/2 min. long and is carried out with a step bench. This is not a stepping with a choreography it is only a single move which starts off slowly and then become a very fast tempo (jumping jack, "up, up, down, down"). Some steps require a lot of concentration in order not to trip up. To avoid injury I therefore worked without the step bench and concentrated on one of Jari´s participants who showed the same step without the bench.  The third option offers a short animated film on the screen which shows the easiest version of the step. Every cardio segment ends with a short stretch.

People who prefer many exercises and not so many repetitions could find the strength traning boring because Jari Love works with many repetitions for each muscle group but with a limited range of exercises (e.g 70 push ups, however with some breaks)  Also here you get a short stretch after every training session.

In my opinion the routine for the abs is rather modest in relation to the other exercises. The part for the abs could have been more strenuous and longer. Apart from that the exercises are very challenging and in combination with the cardio section you get a very demanding and effective workout.

The menu is´nt  quite good. You can´t choose the cardio or strength part seperately. You only can select each exercise directly.

Unfortunately Jari Love´manner is not so motivating.

This workout is rather suitable for the advanced people.

Great DVD

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