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Sunday, 24 July 2011 19:51


Ann Marie Sill DVD mail mail heart
Language: English
Run Time: about 80 min.
Kind:   Endurance/Step Aerobic
Warm up: .  6 min.
Stepp:  33 min.
Cool down bzw. Warm up:   6 min.
. Krafttraining: 28 min.
Effectiveness: mail mail mail
Equipment: Instruction: mail mail

step-bench, medicine ball, tube, dumbbells and balance cuchion
Motiviation: mail mail
 available here    

here you can find a trailer

Ann Marie Sill´s DVD is divided into a cardio and a strength training. This is ok.

I love step aerobic with varied step sequences. But this choreography is too complicated.  Ann Marie Sill has failed to make the trainee familiar with the step sequences bit by bit. She takes for granted that you can follow her in too little time. The result ist that you spend most of your time rewinding the DVD and then to recognise that it was all for nothing. It takes up a lot of time and you lose your interest in this workout.  You must have the opportunity to learn the choreography within a short timescale. Unfortunately this is not given here.

The strength workout is ok. Unfortunately you need simply too many auxiliary devices such as medicine ball, dumbbells, tube and balance cuchion. You have to change the equipment permanently.  Dumbbells themselves would have been enough.

Finally I can say: Beginners and intermediates will not have fun with this dvd. People, however, who want and enjoy to spend a lot of time learning complicated step sequences or people who find it easy to cope with such a choreography, might love it.

For my part  I give only 2 points

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