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Thursday, 08 March 2012 15:04
Jari Love DVD mail mail mail mail mail
Language: English
Run Time: about 60 min.
Kind: Strength Training/Total Body
Warm up:    5 min.
Workout:  50 min.
Cool Down:     5 min.
Bonus consists of:  
Ab Workout:     5 Min.
Equipment: Nutrition tips  
Dumbbells, Step-bench Recipes  
Barbell (optional)    
Barbell plate (optional) Effectiveness: mail mail mail mail mail
  Instruction: mail mail mail mail
  Motivation: mail mail mail mail mail

This workout is carried out by Jari Love and three participants. It is a very demanding and effective total body training with focus on strength endurance.

Every exercise consists of only one set with many repetitions (see below in brackets) But it is not a monotonous up and down because Jari Love changes the tempo of the motions. Nevertheless some people could find this kind of training boring.

During some exercises two of Jari´s participants use barbells or plates. The third  person shows always the easier version. After every exercise a short stretch takes place. The workout has not a continuous flow, because every exercise is followed by a short cut in which the next one is shortly explained and  performed in different versions.  On the screen is shown with which weights the different persons work.  This is only a hint because everyone has to decide which weight is appropriate for himself.  A step bench would be advantageous but is not a necessity

Jari Love tries to motivate by hinting which results you can achieve when you hang on and train regularly.  I think this workout could also be interesting for men. It consists of:

Lunges (56), Squats (88), Stiff Leg Deadlifts  (28),  Bent Knee Deadlift (28), Chest Press (62), Push Ups (36), Chest Flys (62), Back (32), Triceps Dips or if  you are fit enough Triceps Push Ups (24), Triceps Extensions (38), Pull Overs (52), Overhead Press (66), Biceps Curls (120)  und Hammer Curls (88).

Only the abs workout in the bonus part seems for me too short and too simple compared to the whole workout.

Nevertheless a great dvd for the advanced people who want to define their muscles effectively.

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